A Splash of Dandy: Braving the Rainy Days Ahead

The tropics is the best place to enjoy the sun, the people, the WORLD! But along the bright sunny day is the rainy season—a season of more hustle and bustle for the workaholic dandy, a season for more wet and wild adventures all over town.

Here are 5 essentials that will surely protect you and your stuff (in style) from the heavy downpour:


Keeping cool in the warm months is easy, but keeping dry during the wet season is a sure challenge. Jackets keep you warm and dry when the rain pours. It provides enough warmth throughout the day.

Classic styles in neutral or muted tones add more versatility to your wardrobe.

A silky nylon jacket is best for rainy days as it is lightweight, breathable, and waterproof. It will also act as a windbreaker while preventing water from coming through. You would want a jacket where you’d be comfortable in even when the rain stops.

For a sleek look, opt for jackets that fit slim and comfortably. Choose classic styles with interesting details for more versatility. Or channel the urban vibe with black, navy, or olive colors.


Waterproof boots and sneakers with rubber soles are durable and add support to your feet.


Raindrops keep falling on your head and you sure are not walking on sunshine. When flip flops won’t do the job, easy riding shoes can provide comfort for the rainy days ahead. Jump, hop, and slide into the rainy season with protective gear on your step.

Waterproof boots and sneakers are the way to go. You may choose techy nylon or sturdy leather so long as it has rubber soles. Leather soles would just end up soaking wet. You wouldn’t want to start your day with soaked up shoes, would you?

Your shoes is the most important piece in terms of sheer comfort level. Different styles from the style spectrum may catch you off guard, but be sure to always consider the durability and support of your shoes before anything else. Your feet will really thank you for that!


Remember when you had those meetings all over town? Of the places that you went on that rainy day! Indeed you arrived—with all your documents marred by the rain.

It’s good that your bag is roomy even with all its compartments. It’s also good that it doesn’t bulk up even when it’s loaded. But come on, a durable and versatile waterproof bag is better!

Secure all your documents and gadgets into a functional, versatile bag.

For these wet situations, a waxed canvas or leather messenger bag or carryall in a classic or unconventional color is all you need to secure all your documents and gadgets! Additional details like fine straps and buckles add more support and make it easy to carry. With these bags, you and your stuff will look collected and be in top condition!


A hat with a lot of attitude.


A hat is an accessory. It implies that it can be unnecessary. But back in the days, the humble hat served more its protective function for shade, or in this case, for you to not get wet.

Your hat just might even save you from catching a cold. It will surely protect you from the cold. But really, there’s no need to give it a cold shoulder!

If you decide to wear one, have it fit perfectly on your head so it doesn’t get blown. For more novel gestures of style, you may opt to wear a fedora, a newsboy cap, or a worker cap. Use this opportunity to express yourself and to complete your look.

Ralph Lauren once said, “Last thing on, first thing noticed.” Well, that would most likely be your hat. Or let’s just say it’s your ticket to get noticed.


A neatly wound umbrella sure is a thing of dandy.


When we speak of fashion, seldom do we think of our umbrellas. It is for most of us simply utilitarian. It is something we reach for when it pours. But unbeknownst to us, it is a thing of dandy.

We fail to notice how sleek a neatly wound umbrella looks on a man. How this sturdy instrument seems to be lightweight as a man unfolds it with ease. How this protective coverage gives a man mystery as it masks his face with its shadow.

Like all things worn, the umbrella is an expression of who and what you are. It is in these small details that a man gets noticed. So probably by now, you’d think of the umbrella as a utility for dandyism.

The rainy season comes and goes. It is here to stay. It is here for your wet and wild adventures.

Let not heavy downpour prevent you from being the dandy that you truly are. Use this opportunity to express yourself and be what you want to be. Remember that style is the very expression of a man’s decisive nature.


Tap me once more NSM.

I spent a whole sem listening and talking about the imortance of New Social Media. We talked about different tools and had a hands-on approach of how it works. It’s really fun to shoot video and record voices for viralsm, somehow it got me thinking, “Was I really doing things right?”

I once again found myself pushing the use of NSM to build online presence and to save up on the budget. I knew how to start it. Yes, I was trained but it still difficult to get out of a pitt where a lot seems to buy it yet leave all the work for you to do. The simple question–HOW?

I shared and taught and acquired and learned. It was a win-win situation. It was fun. And on my own, i tried to look for other fun stuff to help me. Luckily, I found a site that I deemed useful especially that I am on a marketing dilemma at the moment.

Yeah, it’s NSM. Again. Why am I not surprised. Haha.

So here it is, I found tips on how social media can help market small businesses. It’s good, very ineteresting.

Here’s preview of what you’ll see:

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. Company Blog

4. LinkedIn

5. Participate on Other Blogs

6. Mobile Social Networks and Other Local Strategies

7. Comments and Suggestions About Your Company

8. Multimedia

9. Maintain Brand Consistency

10. Leverage Combinations of Social Media Tools

You’ve probably heard of all these things. Yeah, marketing online. Don’t you think onnline marketing with the use of NSM is brilliant!

Visit the site and read and discover more about what I am raving about: http://mashable.com/2009/10/28/small-business-marketing/

Not just another trend… the Internet is here to stay.

The Internet is not something that needs to be talked about. It is not something that has just become a trend that would eventually die out of popularity. It is a necessity. It has become an essential touch point to everyone.

Just this morning, I had the privilege to hear Mr Paolo Pangan of Yehey Corporation give a talk on this essential medium (the Internet) that has gotten in touch with everyone. Had this really been a shock? Well, not really.

Look, even our trusty old Merriam-Webster has illustrated uses of the Internet!
Internet uses - Visual Dictionary Online

Here are some interesting facts about Filipinos as regards this Apocalypse (click on my previous post: My Experience of the Apocalypse):

  • There are 31 billion searches in Google every month.
  • There is a 33% penetration rate out of the 28 million Pinoys using the Internet
  • The young and the rich are the most avid users of the Internet, but wait, there’s more to this…
  • Classes D & E form 60% of Internet users in the Philippines (surprising, huh?)
  • Instant messaging (IM) is the most common use of the Internet in our country
  • Social networking sites (nodes tied by some sort of connection among the users) are very much active and is a key online activity
  • Blogs are becoming more and more popular and active in this age of new social media


With the advent of New Social Media (NSM), different industries now have the opportunity to work their brands on the online ecosystem. It would deliver more interaction between manufacturers and their clients and have this strong relationship that would rival even those of lovers that you know!

These brands are now listening more to their consumers to give them what they really need. And by accommodating the comments and suggestions, consumers are now given the chance to articulate their necessities and preferences. With this, consumers in some way are included in the decision-making of manufacturers. The result: satisfaction and good manufacturer-customer relationship.

Just look at how your chosen brands are making ways on how to connect to you. Say for instance a clothing company or a body soap product are asking you how you want their products to be through surveys, focus group discussions (FGDs), and what have you. By taking to consideration what you, their most loyal customer, want, there is better product output addressed to your needs.

For more information you can contact Mr Paolo Pangan at:
Email: Paolo.pangan@teamyehey.com
Twitter: paopangan
Mobile: 0917.8687440

Cine Europa on its 12th

Was it really Just Another Love Story? Nah.

As I was waiting in line last Friday afternoon, different thoughts run through my head.

“Will this be a different film?”KFF_dvd-cover+dummy

“Urgh, subtitles!”

“Is this worth my choice?”

Fair enough, these thoughts had been pacified and the regard of me starting up a workload of papers and readings have gone down the drain. Definitely, the film was different, worth watching, plus, reading the subtitles is an ease, haha!

Kærlighed på film (Just Another Love Story) is a Danish thriller that left me open-mouthed and staring intently at the screen. It revolved around a crime scene photographer who indirectly caused and contributed drama, and got involved in a web of misunderstandings and insanity.

I must admit I presupposed, yet my intuition failed me.

This film is part of the Cine Europa Film Festival (now on its 12th year). Screening runs from September 11 to 20, 2009 at the Shang Cineplex, Cinema 1, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.

And the best part is, admission is FREE!!! Plus, you get a chance to win a trip to Europe just by watching and supporting the films. All you need to do is fill out survey forms after every film and the chance to win fun prizes is yours!

For the schedule of the films visit this site: http://www.delphl. ec.europa. eu/docs/CE- 12-Manila- screening- schedule_ FINAL_14August09 .pdf


Would You Be Korean, Filipino?

Eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh “to anyone” (2NE1)…   It’s funny how the Korean culture has fast become a trend, so-to-speak, to a lot of people, and literally, anyone. The Korean way of life, especially here in the Philippines, has rapidly influenced Filipinos’ practices.

As a child, I got to witness and experience a bit of the Korean life. Downtown Makati never failed to give me a glimpse of how Koreans are. They have slowly invaded barangays and turned the once barren houses and lots into a place where commerce flourished.

Korean couples strolled around parks while the little ones were tailed along by their yayas as they played as if it were their last. The once Filipino-owned stores flooded by Koreans have become Korean-owned commercial centers that cater to their needs.

Yet, this was just the beginning of my reality. As I have come of age, I became more exposed to Korean culture—education, food, fashion and beauty, and entertainment and music.


Call centers around the metro are very much active at present. Agents looking sleek in their thought-out work wear can be spotted smoking cigarettes while having their midnight break. Sure, this is just but a norm to nocturnes but during the day, a different pack could be seen.

Students, fresh grads, and even professionals fill up streets, offices, and homes for another job. They take time to teach (part-time or full-time) Koreans basic written and conversational English.

It might not be a shock that a lot Koreans are studying in the Philippines because of economic reasons. And to prepare for this, Koreans hire tutors to make sure that they are equipped and ready for battle in our schools and universities.


Nothing beats the Filipino cuisine. Who wouldn’t love the way it titillates our taste buds for a very indulging, satisfying, and placating experience? It delights a wide variety of preferences and cravings—sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and spicy.

Korean noodles
Korean noodles

The Bicol Express is a very inviting dish that satisfies the spicy tongue with its milky and zesty combination. And for the more adventurous types, they go for nothing else but chilis.

Pinoy version
Pinoy version

This is where Korean cuisine starts to entice Filipinos and other nationalities alike. Their famous Kimchi (a spicy side dish of fermented mixed vegetables usually served at every meal), has become the standard for most enthusiasts of spicy dishes. Spicy instant noodles became in demand thanks to this (watch this for a fun video on spicy Korean noodles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-GrkDtVwXs), and even some of our local instant noodles have localized it by launching a Kimchi-flavored variant.

Fashion and Beauty

Korean fashion
Korean fashion

Britney Spears wore it in her first music video—“Hit me baby one more time!” Indeed, Koreans have already influenced the world of fashion long before I had the chance to experiment on what would look good on me.

Many would envision a typical Korean wearing colorful tops, tiny skirts, stripped leggings or knee socks and whimsical sneakers. Not to mention they are obsessed to have fair radiant skin (Snow White Syndrome; check this out: http://zofona.com/korean-society.html) and the perfect hair to match it.

Entertainment and Music

Back in high school, F4 (Flower Four) was so popular, but now Korea-novelas have conquered our local TV stations! Even other Korean films (forgive me, I can’t remember the titles) are out there in our trusty old Quiapo.

Stories of different sorts with a love story theme could be found almost everywhere where DVDs are sold. Filipinos are just so entertained and amused that some would have pins, pictures, mugs or what-have-you of their Korean idols.

The music industry also came in shock with the influx of Korean music as it too became a hit in our country. K-pop was embraced in our country as well thanks to the internet! Songs of Wonder Girls, Cassiopeia, Super Junior, 2NE1, and the like became hits in many parts of the Philippines

Even Sandara Park (a member of 2NE1) became very popular in the Philippines with her love teams and countless advertisements, gigs, and movies. It took her a year or so before she decided to go back to Korea and start anew.

Now, wouldn’t you want to be Korean?

🙂          🙂          🙂

Memoirs of a Humble Chorister

Before I started my career (sort of) in singing, there wasn’t really much that I have planned to happen. As I entered the university, I just checked out some orgs. I auditioned here and there until I landed on the firm ground of the University of the Philippines Manila Chorale. Like everyone else, I started as a trainee and after a year, found myself bearing the title of a member.

Months passed and as I became more and more busy, my mother, yet another of her random thoughts and moments, popped the question of why I still stay with the Chorale. I thought… and thought… and thought, then got it. It was because of my passion. I love to perform and sing (conditional thought). Nonetheless, this passion roots from my volunteerism. I felt that I have it. I felt that I can do it. I felt that I have something to contribute to the group. It is an active contribution to the group, to the university, and to the country.

The Dynamics of the Music

Just like many other industries, choral music also has its forums. These forums talk about the nitty-gritty of the music and even the glaring surface properties. A lot of enthusiasts give suggestions as to how the music is to be sung. They give tips on how and where to crescendo and decrescendo to evoke the feeling called for by the music. Others give tips on how to approach and attack the music. These all give the choir and enthusiasts information to troubleshoot a song in case an emergency arises. For starters, these forums are good avenues for learning and interpreting a specific kind of music. Texts aside, video or music recordings per se give enthusiasts a feel of how the music should be.

Looking For the Perfect Choir

Through the comments and suggestions section, enthusiasts and talent-hunters could easily pin point a budding choir. At the same time, links also redirect enthusiasts and talent-hunters to a choir of high caliber. These posts of recordings, comments and suggestions become great marketing tools for choirs. It taps a wide range of audience by giving them second-hand experience of their performances.

Knowing Your Place in a Choir

Other forums of choirs also have gossip posted. This gives the viewer a peek of what occurred in the group. Certainly, this is very excruciating to those involved and entertaining to those reading the posts. Needless to say, these posts of “daily choral gossip” offer lessons and tips on how to act and what to observe in the group. Well, in this case, it is true that one’s trash could be another’s treasure!

Singing To the World For Free

For most choirs, financing is quite a thing of bother. Choral groups usually greatly depend on sponsors to finance their operations. However, singing to the world of their existence and greatness, with the use of the Internet, offers them minimal costing to almost nothing. Posts of enthusiasts easily spread like a raging fire giving life to the choir.

The Art in Music

Of course, nothing beats the grand entrance of an elegantly and perfectly dressed choir donning pieces from local and even international designers. With its collaboration with these designers, the choir not only becomes a feast to the ears, but to the eyes as well. With these costumes, choirs introduce and showcase the talent of a chosen designer and drive him/her to stardom alongside the winning-moment of the choir.

Singing Together As A Group

During choral festivals , different choirs from all over the globe are invited to perform and entertain an audience. Organizers carefully pick choirs that amuse audiences. Prior knowledge of powerhouses in the music industry gives organizers a hint of how an event should flow and be carried out. The chosen choirs engage to these festivals  by performing and rendering their music. The choirs take the burden of entertaining and performing. This cuts the production process and lowers the spending costs of organizers and other host choirs.

Being in a choir is really something. It is a responsibility. It is a challenge. The passion to perform and sing gives way for many great opportunities for the choir. One member’s volunteerism, when combined with other members’ volunteerism, could bring the choir to great heights. It is a contribution given to the group and to the country.

I now invite you to join the ride of being a chorister and making your humble contribution the star!

Get Electrocuted. Dzzzt. Dzzzt.

A week-long extension was enough to keep us anxious and ecstatic on how our video blogs would turn out. It’s funny how, after watching all the video blogs, almost all of us used the Internet to represent new social media. I really enjoyed the different perspectives and angles presented by the different groups to show the advantages and disadvantages of new social media.

Indeed, there is no doubt that with the help of new social media, everything could be done easier and faster. What was most interesting was how these different media could fit the wants and needs of people.

Plug It into the Convenience Outlet

With the advent of new social media, people’s way of reaching out with one another shifted to another level. It was quicker and more advanced. As I see it, the more the medium is used, the more the target audience gets hooked and influenced to go for the offered service or product. Since there is a medium tailor-fit for a need, there is less effort of pushing too hard just to get results. Now, it could be done without breaking a sweat and still getting the bait. Unlike its predecessors, new social media offers a variety of channels to get the target audience.

The Octopus Socket for Efficiency

As mentioned, new social media could offer more. It for me is very much engaging since one could easily use a different type of medium if the one used seems to bore the target audience. It really is amazing how I still see different products and services even if I log off from an application from the net. There still are music blogs, photo and video sharing, product reviews, and even through games, that I see the products and services once more. Without being stuck to one, I can freely go to another application and still be tapped by the products and services. It just really  have gone far from the usual print that just stays put where it was posted.

The Live Wire Is Not That Dangerous After All

Live wires are in itself dangerous. It could hurt you. It could kill you. But really, it saves you. Without exposure, we seem to be cut off from the world. Likewise, the Internet could kill an industry if it continues to have its own way. However, picking up and going with the flow of this live wire even saves thriving industries to boom unexpectedly. Since the Internet reaches a multitude of people, it will definitely bring along an effect better than just by relying on traditional media.

Well, the use of the Internet in our video blogs wasn’t funny after all. With all these benefits it can offer, I think we’re now talking serious business here.

🙂     🙂     🙂